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Thank you to our customers for these successful projects!

$3.6m  Designed and provided conveying and in-line accumulation system for 13 lines at multiple plants for a major US food manufacturer 

$2.4m  Provided conveyors for three new coffee lines producing single serve coffee pods, sleeve handling and accumulation

$1.5m  Provided unique loose candy handling system to multiple bagging machines

$1.5m  Provided new 1000 bpm line from uncasing equipment through rinsers, fillers, warmer, labelling, case packing and into distrubution center. Provided empty case handling solution as well

$1.2m  Rebuilt two high level palletizers, provided conveying and controls turn key solution

$.75m  Provided bulk stainless steel sanitary trough conveying equipment at major snack food plant to expand production to new lines in former warehouse space.

$.75m  Designed and provided space saving double deck juice can cooling system for major international food and beverage manufacturer.

$.6m  Designed and provided conveyor carton handling system for major food company expansion of foil pouch carton system from multiple filling stations to distrubution center

$.5m  Provided conveying equipment and controls for high speed wrapper distribution to carton packing and bulk pack stations for major candy manufacturer

$.5m  Provided wrapped candy distribution and bulk storage system to multiple packaging machines for candy manufacturer

$.5m  Designed and installed complete system from filler to filled pallet load handling. Provided new handling system for customer’s robot, new end efector and pallet system for difficult carton handling.

$.5m  Designed and provided tray handling conveyors to multiple case packing machines and empty and filled case conveyor handling.

$.5m  Designed and coordinated specialty baked goods manufacturer conveying equipment required for plant relocation

And many more!